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How best is an electra washing machine is

October 5, 2020 0 Comment

A wise and long lasting brand in washing machine is electra

Electra washing machine is a veteran manufracutrer. They have been manufacturing it for more than 70 years. So in developing the highest performing washing they did a lot. Its company mainly established in israel and now it is widely available worldwide.

Our company’s washing machine is the most sell able product of every time. Every customer of ours always give excellent reviews. Saying that we didn’t made them disappoint.

electra washing machine

The best budget washing machine in name Electra

Electra is one of the most best budget washing machine for most of home users in UAE. Indeed users of electra find it bidget friendly not only in purchasing but also in repairs. It has the most available parts in UAE. They have the best name in advantages and modern brands for home appliances. However its repair cost is also not very much as compare to other brands in uae.

The customer service center in UAE for electra home appliances

Appliance repair is now famous for its brand repairing capacity in Dubai. Though the expert of washing machine repair are also aware of faults and issues with electra. Our customer service center is available 24 hours. So you can give us a call at any time you want. We will try our best to come up with a solution of any problem of electra washing machine. Our services are of high quality, so just contact us whenever any damage occurs in your washing machine.

Our expert workers

As we are the leading electronic appliance products provider, so we have the team of professional workers. Our workers are highly trained and are in this field for a long period of time. they will be always there for you whenever you need to repair you washing machine.

Tips to keep you washing machine maintained

Here are some of the tips to keep your washing machine maintained.

  • clean the lint filter: every washing machine have lint filter at different places. But electro washing machine have it in the agitator tube. It is important to keep it clean so that the washer run efficiently.
  • don’t overload the machine: many people make this huge mistake that they usually overload the washing machine, which is not good. So always keep that in mind that you don’t overload you machine in order to prevent it from any kind of damage.
  • Measure your detergent: always make sure to read the manual of the machine, that you never face any kind of confusion. By reading the manual it will help you to know how much amount and correct type of detergent.