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washing machine for us

October 28, 2019 12 Comments

What is washing machine for us?

Washing machine is the machine use to wash the various types of clothes without applying any physical efforts. With washing machine you don’t have to rub the clothes with hand or squeeze them to remove the water from them. This machine is also we know as clothes washer or simply the washer. The washing machine lets us wash our clothes automatically without having to supervise its operation. All we have to do is to put the clothes in the machine bucket and select the wash mode. Auto washing machine automatically takes in the amount of water and detergent needs and it also automatically sets the timer for washing, rinsing and drying as per the selected mode and the amount of clothes.

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Different types and operations of washing machines

When depending the operations and sizes of washing machine. We classify it in different types. We can classify it in top loading and front loading.

The top loading washing machines

In washing machine our clothes we load from the top of. There is cover at the top which helps loading and unloading of clothes in the round vessel that perform the function of the washer as well as the rinse and dryer in the fully automatic washing machine. Although top loading machine is preferred by the people who don’t want to bend the body while loading the clothes in the machine. This washing machine is more widely used than the front loading washing machine in many regions of the world.

The front loading washing machines

Above all in this type of machine the clothes are loaded from the front side. Similarly Survey study shows that the front loading washing machines consume less electric energy, water and detergent and also give better washing results compared to the top loading washing machine.

Semi automatic washing machines

This type of washing machines usually comes in top loading facility. It needs only to turn the washing button rotate once. However there are more functions which makes it semi automatic, like dryer spinner on another side is a manual physical activity we have to do is taking cloths from washer to spinner dryer.

Lets read how to operate a semi automatic washing machine

Mainly we know washing cloths by hand is a tiresome work. Therefore in this need a semi automatic washing machine is very helpful as well as low in price while purchase. This is because we only do the same practice like loading cloths from top. Filling water in the washer drum, rotating washer timer and unloading cloths when it ends.

Fully automatic wash machine

Fully automatic washing machine has only one tub that serves as the washer, rinse as well as the dryer. Specifically depends on the quantity of clothes or the weight of the clothes, machine takes in the sufficient amount of water and detergent automatically and sets the timer for wash and drying automatically. All we have to do is just provide the water connection, put the detergent from time-to-time in its storage space and put the clothes, the fully automatic wash machine does the rest of things automatically.

Whirlpool brand

Whirlpool washing machines innovative features help users to wash many clothes in a single load. From Cloths and uniforms to blankets, every effort is made to ensure that it is clean with the removal of stains and marks. This company offers a fully automatic front load and fully automatic top load washing machine.

GE (US) brand

GE appliances are one of the famous brands for washing machine and other appliances. They make the life better by designing and building world’s best appliances for our daily use. The GE washing machines are fully equipped with various features for taking care of the laundry thereby saving the time and money.

 LG brand

As a top washing machine brand, LG  make use of smart inverter technology washing machines to wash the clothes. Certainly these brand washing machines are highly technology driven.

Electrolux brand

Electrolux is a Swedish company that manufactures for appliances and washing machine. It is the world’s leading manufacturing company. Furthermore this company also manufactures the laundry equipment for many hotels and commercial laundries as well as domestic use.


At first Samsung is a popular brand in home appliances as well as electronics like mobiles devices. Samsung innovates with various technologies to make laundry easier. This company offers various models of washing machines which cater to the requirements of the users. Samsung’s FlexWash model is a design to meet all the requirements of laundry needs. It carries a separate top and front washer in a single wash machine.


Certainly Haier is a global leading home appliance and consumer electronic brand. In fact they manufacture range of products with innovative technology. Specifically their products are in the categories like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, TVs, water heaters and microwave ovens. Their washing machines fall into the category of SCT self-cleaning technology. Front, and top load fully load automatic, semi-automatic and pocket wash machine.


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